How to leverage cloud ERP to support startup through commercialization


Authored by RSM US LLP

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Whether it’s developing new drug therapies, designing innovative medical devices or creating more accurate medical diagnostic tools, life sciences organizations have complex technology needs. Once discoveries move out of the lab and into clinical trials, companies must be able to scale up quickly—a necessity that often leaves manual and spreadsheet-based processes struggling to keep up. With a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, organizations can manage these common challenges, gain real-time visibility into expenses and revenue, and effectively manage financial consolidations, project reporting, cost management, and internal controls and compliance.

Join our webcast to learn how cloud ERPs, like Oracle NetSuite, can support organizations navigating clinical and commercial contracts and hear from one of RSM’s industry eminents, an analyst focused solely on the life sciences sector, on current market trends and what lies ahead for organizations seeking later-stage viability.

Key highlights include:

  • Analysis of the current market and what lies ahead for late-stage entities
  • Development of the commercialization runway, and strategic inhibitors to success
  • Common requirements for business systems and operation readiness
  • How Oracle NetSuite addresses the needs of life sciences companies