Is now the time to make the case for internal audit outsourcing?


Authored by RSM US LLP

Here are the four most common reasons it makes sense for an organization to take the leap:

  1. Organizational growth: Global expansion and M&A

    Expanding into new markets and geographies—and adopting complex business processes and systems as a result—can put new pressures on your internal audit function.
  2. Regulatory changes: Evolving standards and global complexity

    Through frequent changes, the regulatory environment is becoming more difficult to manage both domestically and across the globe.
  3. Workforce issues: High demand for talent along with scarcity

    Proven, experienced internal auditors are normally highly sought after, but the competition to hire them has become increasingly fierce.
  4. Resource constraints: Budget pressures challenge internal audit

    Many companies face challenges with limited resources to dedicate to internal audit, leading to a lack of continuity. These can each be alleviated through outsourcing.