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Overcoming the data dilemma

CASE STUDY | May 21, 2024

Authored by RSM US LLP

Organizations often grapple with ensuring their data keeps pace with evolving corporate demands and technological improvements. For one medical device company, an antiquated platform was the source of inefficiency and miscommunication.

The organization, which has developed many groundbreaking products, is headquartered in the United States and has offices worldwide. Despite the organization’s success, however, executive leadership was concerned that their systems lacked integration capabilities, causing confusion around the system of record and hindering data management across locations. The company engaged RSM’s services for what quickly turned into an ambitious project.

The big picture

The client needed to migrate data from its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM) systems to new platforms. The organization's old systems were not equipped with the capabilities needed to meet the evolving needs of their business, and they lacked the ability to support the automation, integration and scalability required by their digital transformation plan. The company also used various PDF, Word and Excel files for business management, making the merging and transfer of data substantially more complex.

The goal of the data engineering project was to avoid bringing old data problems into the new ERP system and to revolutionize how the organization worked with information.

To tackle this problem, RSM used Alteryx, a data preparation/ETL (extract, transform, load) tool. Alteryx provided the option of isolating areas where data seemed to be in conflict, and it allowed RSM to communicate with the client to resolve conflicts.

Making the most of opportunities

Data migrations sometimes consist of moving information from one system to another while bringing all the existing problems with it. RSM prioritized cleaning up the data—correcting issues and eliminating duplicates—before transferring the digital information into the new system. The organization needed to increase confidence that the data was accurate so they could trust the information to guide business decisions. They could only consider the project a success if the data was trustworthy.

To execute the project plan, RSM provided documentation with mapping rules and record counts before any data loads occurred. In addition, RSM created reports that produced a record-by-record reconciliation with templates and source data for a complete reconciliation. Finally, the migration to each system went through successful iterations before going live.

As with any large-scale project, there were challenges along the way. For example, unexpected issues arose during user acceptance testing, which led to delays. RSM overcame these obstacles by committing to resolve them and keeping the project on track. Open communication facilitated problem-solving and knowledge sharing, enabling the company and RSM to navigate complexities.

Even before the project reached its conclusion, the client saw results. In the short term, the organization was better able to identify gaps in its data quality. In the long term, integrating the Oracle systems provided streamlined operations, enhanced data integrity and smoother transitions, moving the company toward a robust infrastructure that could be adaptable to future needs.

An improved approach to data

As a result of the engagement, the organization has seen improved data analysis, more efficient processes and enhanced communication among its departments and offices. The company now has a scalable solution well-suited for an organization with global operations and international interests. They achieved the ultimate vision: to create one version of the truth across all systems.

The successful migration from legacy systems to the new platforms—coupled with RSM's experience in data migration, system implementation and process optimization—empowered the client to modernize its operations, enhance efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in the market. By offering strategic advice, RSM played a pivotal role in helping the client achieve its business objectives and position itself for future growth and success.

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